PRINCE SEAFOODS - Why we are best

By googling we can find out many online fish buying stores and online fish market in Chennai. But the reason why PRINCE SEAFOODS is the best for online fish market in Chennai, because we are not using AMMONIA, CHLORINE and FORMALIN (yeah, the exact formalin used to preserve cadavers.!!!). Most of the fish dealers are used to keep their fish products under chemicals to ensure that the fish remains fresh. And they are selling Chemical fish for the peoples. We directly buying fish from the fishermen and reach out to your doorsteps. Cleaning and cutting is the only process we are doing in between. We believe, by having our fish products you will come to know the difference between and preserved fish and fresh fish. Think twice do correct.

From where PRINCE SEAFOODS buy fish

Prince Seafoods is the best online fish shop in Chennai and we are delivering online fresh fish to your home, by collecting fresh fish from fishermen directly to cut the middle person's involvement for ensuring the quality fresh fish. We buy fresh fish from Kovalam Beach country boats and from small trawlers. They can give best fresh fish daily in the evening and early mornings and it is the most fresh and quality fish in Chennai. That's why, we can give the "best fresh fish online delivery in Chennai" and the "best wholesale seafoods market in Chennai".

Prince Seafoods assure 100% chemical free and fresh fish online to home delivery. Because, we will not keep fish more than one day in freezer and use only natural ice for packing & delivering. By ordering fresh fish through Prince seafoods you will come to know that, we are the "best online fish home delivery in Chennai" / "best fresh fish online seafoods store in Chennai".

Fresh fish market price in Chennai

Why we choose Fish

Fresh Fish is a pure form of nutrients, protein and vitamins. The embedded source of omega-3 fatty acids in the fish can give us a healthy body and brain. Make a habit to eat fish everyday and live like 30 in the age of 60 also. The rich calcium content in the fish protects our body from bone loss and weak teeths. The Omega 3 acids can reduce your blood pressure and control abnormal heart beats by decreasing unwanted fat in the blood streams. This is the reason why doctors prescribing fish oil tablets or omega 3 supplements for those who diagnosed with an abnormal heart conditions. And we know the best medicine for Asthma patients is taking fish, the children who eats fish daily are can not be beaten by Asthma. In womens, breast colon, ovary problems, prostate cancer etc are less likely to delevop those who eating fish daily.

DIABETES is a night mare to every senior citizens around us, and they are always cautious about it. The fish oil can handle high sugar level in blood, which is very helpful to every diabetic patients. We might had help our grand parents for walking because of their lower eyesight, the omega 3 acids in the fish can do eyesight better. The newborn babies tender to have a perfect eyesight through their mother, if she having daily fish during pregnency. The men who include fish in the regular diet are seems to be more healthy and fertility, while those to compare to others.